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Building Australia’s Energy Cloud

Here is an interesting fact for you, in 1902 a US Survey of Industry found there were 3.620 “central” power stations in the burgeoning electricity industry, at the same time there were over 50,000 small regional stations serving what were essentially isolated micro-grids. Within 20 years, the development of effective long-distance transmission lines would essentially…

The Importance of Hydrogen to Australia’s Energy Transition

There are two key reasons why hydrogen, more than any other form of energy storage, is vital for Australia’s shift from coal to renewable energy. The first is on the plus side of the equation. As we add more renewable power, we create a need for more resilience to firm up generation in the grid.…

Waste & Sustainable Smart Cities

It is interesting to think that sanitation was what allowed the modern city to evolve in the mid-1800s, and we believe that it is waste management that will allow the sustainable growth of cities in this century. In 1854, the physician John Snow mapped the cases of a cholera outbreak in London’s broad street and…

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